Orchestral Epic

Journey to Skyhold – Dragon Age: Inquisition Lost Elf Theme – Dragon Age: Trespasser Dark Solas Theme – Dragon Age: Trespasser Descent Theme – Dragon Age: Descent

Emotive / Mystery / Spiritual

The Oxygen Chamber Blessed Child – Killing Jesus Jesus and Mary – Killing Jesus Find Your Own Path – The Condemned Ragnar’s Story – Vikings Mercy – Vikings Thedas Love Theme – Dragon Age: Inquisition 

Ominous / Suspense

Peril on the Sea – Admiral Darkness Falls – London Has Fallen Time is Running Out – Maze Runner Dangerous Road Ahead – The Condemned

Action / Thriller

Bike Chase – London Has Fallen Marine 1 Crash – London Has Fallen Battling the Royal Charles – Admiral Qunari Battle Theme – Dragon Age: Trespasser

Horror / Psychological Thriller

Helga’s Wrath – Vikings The Creature – Pandora